• Seats up to 80 (theater-style)

  • Two large screens

  • Larger than Room B

  • Adjacent to lobby/entrance area

  • Seats up to 120*

  • Three large flat screens


  • Seats up to 80 (theater-style)

  • One large screen

  • Adjacent to lobby/entrance area

The BOLD Center features a conference room which accommodates up to 120 people* in a theater style set-up. The large room can be divided into two smaller rooms, which are available individually for smaller events. Room A is the larger of the two.

Basic audio/visual equipment and general meeting supplies are included by the BOLD Center:

Three large flat screens (when divided Room A has two, Room B has one screen) with remotes; HDMI hook up for your laptop (Mac adapters available); and 8 wireless microphones with battery packs. 

* Potential of 150 total seating capacity with rental of additional chairs. Please inquire for more information.

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